Wanna be a part of a beautiful Anthology?

      ‘ Wish I could tell you’ presents an anthology compiled by ‘Agam Sachdeva’ . If you are a writer yourself or know any writer who wants to be a part of this anthology . Register yourself  by contacting Agam Sachdeva: 9634065450 .           I too have registered myself . Its my first ever initiative in a new genre and topic.  Let’s help the budding bloggers grow together. Hurry up! only 21 slots left. Continue reading Wanna be a part of a beautiful Anthology?

The cost of Life ? ( Reblogged)

“Conserve”, because No, nature does not need us instead we need nature to stay relevant as life on earth.” By the end of 2020, the year had dented many a egos; almost all brands; Fashion, went out of fashion. Food, nobody trusted nobody’s hand. People afraid to touch, and our homes turned into new day […] The cost of Life ?       A  beautifully articulated post by ‘Narayan Kaudinya’ from ROAD TO NARA.An informative piece of information on environmental  awareness reminding all humans ‘ What goes around ,comes around ‘.https://road-to-nara.com/2021/01/29/the-cost-of-life/ Continue reading The cost of Life ? ( Reblogged)

One Step at a Time

      A lot has happened in the past year for us to even start our next year enthusiastically. But that certainly  doesn’t mean we dwell into that uncertainty till the vaccine comes or the new strain stops spreading.Life will go on,with virus or without virus, with lockdown or without lock down. What matters is the need of the hour to carry forward the lessons that we learned in 2020. It doesn’t matter if you dont make any of those fancy resolutions. JUST put in action what you have learned in the last year individually or mutually to all of us.          Let each … Continue reading One Step at a Time

My Quotes

                   Hi folks, this is my new addition to my blog corner. I plan to upload atleast one self-made quote a month along with my other blogs. Being a scanner, I like variety in every damm thing. Be it food, writing topics, crocheting, or any craft that fancy my eyes 👀 and the list goes on…. So here’s to my multicolor messy personality. Hope you like it . Happy Christmas 🎄 in advance to everyone 🥰          Do what you feel ,feel no guilt,our brainwiring is build so uniquely, that no one can match up the way you feel                       Gauri … Continue reading My Quotes

A Sneak peek into my Diy projects

       Every once in a while my hands itch desperately to do something creative. Its like the food for my mind. I get really restless or feel incomplete, when I have not experimented something creative.     So apart from blogging I am a very artistic and crafty person. I love making something out of scratch or junk, like  recycled or upcycled Diys, Drawing Mandala’s or doodling occasionally. Even Calligraphy or lettering and experimenting with some poster designs and the list goes on….. It  just gives me a unique sense of accomplishment ,which I don’t find in any other activities. So here … Continue reading A Sneak peek into my Diy projects

A Trip to Unlocked Goa

            After our first, day trip to Mahipalgad post lockdown ,we were ready to take a plunge to plan our trip to Goa with all necessary safety precautions, knowing that Goa was open for tourist now. We were thoroughly excited for this 3 day trip post covid, yet cautious about our plans . As usual, we planned to stay in  North goa,considering it fits perfectly  for the current safety precautions we need to take being our fav part of goa, as its always less crowded,with pure  hippee vibes,and each family could have their privacy and spacious  area  for beach … Continue reading A Trip to Unlocked Goa

Mahipalgad table top- First micro outing post lockdown

               For those of who don’t know, currently I am in Belguam, at my inlaws place. I have not being to Pune since the outbreak . Belguam is a beautiful & placid city located at the foothills of Western ghats in Karnataka.  Being nestled at such a perfect location,is blessed with variety of spacious & secluded mountains & table tops near by .        Post covid every traveler has become a bit extra cautious with their choices of bookings & travel destinations. Keeping this in mind we finally decided to take a call & start exploring our suppressed travel fantasies, which … Continue reading Mahipalgad table top- First micro outing post lockdown

Writers Block

    It kind of hurts me ,when I don’t have anything to write …     My glass is empty,   My thoughts have dried up,   God, pour some drops of words in my empty glass   Give me a chance to prove myself fast  I won’t disappoint you as I am a beauty of your spark 💫  Words are identity of my soul,    Pen is a medium ,through which I embellish them to the core   I feel so incapable & useless looking at this blank page  I feel like I have forced myself in this invisible cage ,as I have nothing … Continue reading Writers Block

OCD – The color changing Psychological Predator

      Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional in Psychology or Mental health. My intention to share my story is merely to raise awareness among people and the stigma attached to it. Please consult a professional if you go through depression, anxiety, or any mental illness.         It seems to me, that OCD as compared to the other mental illnesses, has already been  popularized by the media among the newer generations as a result of which its frequently used in quirky punchlines which only discloses the top layer of the OCD symptoms. Surprisingly, this appears to be more sophisticated to many, … Continue reading OCD – The color changing Psychological Predator